Golden Sierra Frenchy Bulldog Lines

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Morning Star Kennels is excited to announce the availability of their charming French Bulldogs, characterized by their sweet and playful personalities. These Golden Sierra French Bulldogs are set to captivate your heart with their endearing nature and loving temperament. French Bulldogs are known for their loyalty and affection, making them fantastic companions for individuals and families alike. At Morning Star Kennels, the emphasis is not only on the striking Golden Sierra coloration but also on the exceptional care and socialization that these pups receive. 

French Bulldogs Are Playful Affectionate Sociable Friendly


Quick Facts

Adult Size

Ideal for a Variety of Households

Trademark Traits

What They Are Like to Live With

Living with a French Bulldog can be a delightful and rewarding experience, but it’s important to understand their unique characteristics and needs. Here’s what it’s typically like to live with a French Bulldog:

  • Affectionate Companionship: French Bulldogs are incredibly affectionate and love to be close to their human family members. They often form strong bonds and enjoy cuddling and snuggling, making them wonderful lap dogs.
  • Playful and Entertaining: Despite their small size, French Bulldogs are known for their playful and sometimes goofy personalities. They love to play and engage in interactive games, providing entertainment and joy to their households.
  • Loyal and Loving: French Bulldogs are loyal and devoted to their owners. They thrive on human interaction and often follow their family members around the house, wanting to be a part of the action.
  • Low Exercise Requirements: French Bulldogs are not high-energy dogs and have relatively low exercise needs. Short daily walks and playtime are usually sufficient to keep them happy and healthy.
  • Adaptability: They are adaptable to various living situations, including apartments and homes with small yards, thanks to their small size and low exercise requirements.
  • Good with Children: French Bulldogs are generally good with children and can be patient and gentle. However, as with any breed, it’s essential to supervise interactions between dogs and young children.
  • Good with Other Pets: They usually get along well with other pets, including cats and other dogs, especially if they are properly socialized from a young age.

Frenchy History

The history of the French Bulldog can be traced back to the early 19th century when small bulldog-type dogs were popular among lace workers in Nottingham, England. During the Industrial Revolution, many of these lace workers migrated to France, bringing their beloved dogs with them. In France, these dogs were further developed, with an emphasis on creating a smaller, companionable breed. They were crossed with local terrier breeds and pugs, resulting in the French Bulldog we know today. By the late 19th century, the breed gained popularity among French society, particularly in Paris, and became associated with the city’s culture. French Bulldogs were recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC) in 1898 and have since become a beloved and iconic breed around the world for their unique appearance and charming personalities.