Barbet Male Studs

The Barbet breed is a carefree, happy companion. They are intelligent and quick-witted.  They love to fetch and retrieve for hours on end. The Barbet can learn commands quickly and perform at a high level. If you’re interested in agility competitions, you might look for a Barbet. But, keep in mind that this dog is rare—only a few hundred live in the United States.


Thor is a great Barbet Male. Beautiful midnight black, he is amazing.  He lives to please he always wants to be with you and when you pick him up he puts his head on your chest.  He really is a lover and all of his puppies are that way two  Lots of Champions  OFA and AKC.


Ugo is a gorgeous curly chestnut happy boy.  He’s one of our happiest males–always tickled to see you, wants to play, loves to play with toys, very good with all of the other dogs, and affectionate.

He has a great wonderful gait and moves nicely and smoothly.  He has beautiful emerald eyes.

All of the Barbets are very motivated by food.


Bramantino Is our male from Italy -Laspeza he is a very gorgeous male.  He also is black and white, beautifully colored, and highly intelligent.  His manners are excellent.  He listens carefully and does what you tell him to do.

He’s very affectionate–happy to see you and meet you in the morning.  This male seeks out sprinklers.  He loves to stand over a sprinkler and just get drenched, then shakes on you because he’s happy to see you .