Barbet Females

The Barbet breed is a carefree, happy companion. They are intelligent and quick-witted.  They love to fetch and retrieve for hours on end. The Barbet can learn commands quickly and perform at a high level. If you’re interested in agility competitions, you might look for a Barbet. But, keep in mind that this dog is rare—only a few hundred live in the United States.

These dogs don’t shed; they have webbed feet.  They are great swimmers and you hardly have to train them at all.  They are highly intelligent.

Kia - Black and White Barbet Female

Kia is having puppies at the end of August.  

Currently taking deposits

Paolina - Black & White Female

Paolina is having puppies at the end of August.  

Currently taking deposits

Paolina is one of our females she is black white on the chest and white foot she’s beautiful she’s from Laspez, Italy.

She has a very nice demeanor and is very loving, and affectionate.  She wants to be with you all the time and is very happy to see you in the morning.  She listens to you when you give her a command, what a very special dog.   

Kona - Black Female

Kona is kind and loveable.  She likes to play with large or small dogs.  Kona is affectionate and willing to please at all times.  She is a great mama; she loves her puppies.  She’s very affectionate to her people.  She is happy to see her adult people when they come out, in fact, she’s so happy wants to play.  She loves affection.

Kaya - Black Female

Kaya is very energetic and likes to play all the time.  She loves affection. 

She is very willing to please at any command.  Kaya is a gorgeous black and white all over, the party color, which is very unusual.

Labree - Chestnut

She is a very gorgeous chestnut, sweet, well-mannered dog, willing to please at all times.  She is highly intelligent and very affectionate.  She wants to be with you wherever you go.

She is the most model dog ever–she’s just wonderful!