West Highland White Terriers
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About The Breed

Westies are very people-oriented and, although independent, they do need human companionship and attention. They are very intelligent, have tremendous stamina, and are agile and quick in movement. They do well in obedience, agility, tracking, earthdog tests, flyball, as well as therapy work. Although Westies will alert you to a stranger approaching, they have a very friendly nature so are not normally considered good guardians.

Westie puppies are smart, spirited little dogs. These angelic pups will grow up to be sweet but sturdy companions. As puppies-- and well after they have fully matured-- these playful and affectionate terriers will provide endless amounts of fun to their fortunate families.  



General Care

The West Highland White Terrier should be brushed weekly in order to help remove dead hairs and trimmed every six to eight weeks. They are considered to be a non shedding breed, but there is hair breakage. They are also considered to be non-allergenic.

About Us

We are a dog loving family with over 37 plus years breeding, training and showing dogs. All puppies are raised in our home in a room designed just for that purpose. They are handled from birth and exposed to children, cats, dogs, birds and even Edgar, the obnoxious goat.  Our environment produces a puppy that is so bonded with people that they are very eager to please and therefore, learn quickly. We give the puppy the best possible start and the new owners finish the puppy.

Currently Available

We currently have puppies ready to go. As we only have a limited number of litters, we also keep a no obligation wait list.To reserve a puppy or for more information, please send an email below.

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